Official Training Partner of the WOKINGHAM HALF MARATHON 2020

Terms & Conditions of Training


Six Star Running and Fitness aims to provide a motivating environment for the achievement of running and fitness goals. Please understand the following.

1. Participation in tests and exercise is voluntary.

2. Clients are free to notify their denial of consent or withdrawal of consent at any time after consenting.

3. It is the client’s responsibility to advise of any difficulties perceived or experienced, as well as changes to physical and medical condition which may impact on participation.

4. Questions regarding future training, risks or benefits are always welcome. Reservations or doubts should be raised; please ask for explanation and clarification.

5. Clients consent to their participation, being aware of their own health and physical condition and therefore take responsibility for participation in programmes and the impact on their health. With each client having such knowledge, Six Star Running and Fitness is released from liability for accidental injury, illness or death which may incur as a result of participating in a programme. Clients assume all risks connected with their participation.

6. Six Star Running and Fitness will not accept liability for any damage or loss to a Client’s personal property during any training session.

7. All sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the session will be charged (“late cancelled”).

i) Where the client has cancelled the session up to 1 hour prior to the start time, Six Star Running and Fitness will try to accommodate an alternative session on the same day or the day after the session was due. However, this remains at the discretion of Six Star Running and Fitness.

ii) Six Star Running and Fitness will not transfer a session to a day where the client has already booked a session unless the client agrees to be charged for both sessions. If the future session falls outside of the 24 hour period, these sessions cannot be cancelled free of charge and replaced by a late cancelled session which is rescheduled.

iii) Where the client cannot attend the alternative session times offered they will be charged for the original session.

iv) A session that has been late cancelled and rescheduled cannot be late cancelled and moved again. The session will be charged.

v) Where a client cancels a session within 1 hour of the session start time, they will not be offered the opportunity to transfer the session to an alternative time and will be charged for the session.

8. The time slot for any session that is late cancelled will be made available to other Six Star Running and Fitness clients and the client will no longer be entitled to that session time.

9. Clients who fail to advise that they will not be attending will not be offered the opportunity to reschedule and will be charged in full for the session.

10. Cancellations are deemed to be made on receipt / acknowledgement of a text message, phone call or email and not on the sending of the message / email / making of the phone call. Without acknowledgement, the session is charged in full as a “no show”.

11. Any block booking of sessions purchased is not refundable and must be used within 6 months of the initial payment date. In the event of illness, a doctor’s certificate may be submitted to facilitate extension over an agreed timeframe.

12. Training advice and support requested in writing or via other method, e.g. online or call, is subject to the same terms as for face-to-face personal or running training. Therefore, these terms include, but are not exclusive to, running coaching, running training guidance, nutritional advice and weight management plans. Where a client has requested guidance or training of any nature to facilitate their fitness goals, payment in full is required in advance, in line with the terms agreed at the commissioning of the advice.

13. In any instance of disrespect or abuse, training will be terminated with no recourse for reimbursement of fees paid in advance.

14. All training, advice or product purchased is accepted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.